Skyline Publications specializes in the publication of music and special topic texts.

This site provides our customers with a complete catalog including sample images of our publications, some which may be accompanied by sound bites.

Skyline Publications/Skyline Studios is a member of ASCAP.

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Skyline Studios is primarily an audio and video field recording and post production enterprise.
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Skyline Studios produces a limited number of compact discs on the TONHEIM (formerly SPARROW) label as well as DVDs. These DVDs, CDs and CDs by other manufacturers featuring works published by Skyline Publications are available for sale. Please use our secure shopping cart when ordering.

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Several of our projects have received nominations for national awards including the Grammy.
The Grammy CD, featuring flutist Peter Phippen, is available from the World Flute Society. We are also preparing materials for Promotion Music Specialties. Please visit our links page below to access their catalog offerings.

Also listed are a sampling of our projects.